About Qreoo

Qreoo inspires your curiosity to search, read and share links with others on its crowdsourced search engine. So, What’s your Curiosity?

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Inspiring Curiosity. It makes us search for answers to our questions and even to find and ask better questions. It inspires us know the unknown. Curiosity inspires us to read and learn. It makes us grow and become better.


We are what we know. We know from what we read and learn. By sharing the knowledge and information between each other, we all grow together. By giving relevant answers to your questions from various people, qreoo helps your read and learn not just one view but inspire different perspectives for you to choose from.

What is Qreoo?

Qreoo is a crowdsourced search engine. People share an interesting link to us with the help of tags suitable to it for other curious people to read. We show results for your search from these links to inspire your curiosity.

Why the name Qreoo?

Qreoo is named from the fusion of words “Question, Read and Repeat”. As our mission is to inspire curiosity, we choose a word sounding similar to curiosity. This is why we named us Qreoo.


To Qusestion


To Read and Learn


It expresses an infinite loop to repeat.

Why a Crowdsourced Search Engine?

We humans are social people. We love to belong. We search for people who are like us. We form groups and communities with them who share our culture and ideas. We build a trust with them. We are free to determine the value of an information by our own trust on the person.

Information from a person with expertise in the subject we know is more valuable than an unknown expert. Qreoo is crowdsourced search engine for the same reason.